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Grand Theft Auto V

Average Customer Rating:
(10 Reviews) 10
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Customer Reviews for Grand Theft Auto V
Review 1 for Grand Theft Auto V
Going To Be A Great Game
Posted on:09/07/12
Location: Hamilton, ON
GTA 4 is a great game, I love the storyline, it was pretty cool how they made niko seem so much like a real person, the graphics are excellent. Red Dead Redemption was even better and it was game of the year so Grand Theft Auto 5 should be an even better game thanGTA 4 & Red Dead Redemption. Grand Theft Auto 5 Should Be A 10/10
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Review 2 for Grand Theft Auto V
Posted on:03/11/12
Location: cornwall ont
well this game will no dought be amazing. With its trailer and all the art that have been created it will be awsome. Rockstar UK sayed in a interview " The game will be realeased in spring 2013 " The game is comming pre-orders are going to start november 5 2012.
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Review 3 for Grand Theft Auto V
im a fan of grand theft auto games
Posted on:31/03/12
Location: toronto canada
i think when grand theft auto five will come out i think its going to be the game of the year just like nhl 12 was when that game came out first
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Review 4 for Grand Theft Auto V
I wonder how amazing this will be!
Posted on:26/08/12
Location: Canada
Grand Theft Auto IV became a great hit! I wonder what GTA V will be like. I recommend new GTA fans to try out GTA IV!
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Review 5 for Grand Theft Auto V
the count down begins
Posted on:05/12/12
Location: MTL
Ever since the trailer one year ago, Iv'e been waiting on this beautiful masterpiece.
It is confirmed that the game will be bigger than San Andreas, GTA 4, and Red Dead Redemption combined! It will also have 3 main protagonists that you can play as. Looking forward to this game.
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Review 6 for Grand Theft Auto V
Posted on:14/11/12
Location: Oakville, Ontario
Im so hype for this game, good graphics pared with a huge open world, you can go on a dam hike in this game, you can do yoga.
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Review 7 for Grand Theft Auto V
GTA Fanatic
Posted on:17/12/12
Location: Hedley BC
I Have been playing GTA games for as long as i can remember. starting ar GTA 3 and moving on up. When GTA San Andreas was released my life had changed. Even before GTA SA the other GTA games previous to San Andreas Captivated my mind as the there story lines were epic and took a while to complete, The line up of characters are amazing. Somehow Rockstar has managed to incorporate comedy and really immature ( but still funny) content. I believe GTA V will be just like GTA SA (I have also heard reports the GTA V map is twice the size the SA map ) and Rockstar will introduce the amazing graphics of the GTA 4 into this game witch will go down in the history of gaming as the best game ever.
My Product Recommendations
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Review 8 for Grand Theft Auto V
Worth It???
Posted on:08/10/12
Location: Manitoba
I've loved each GTA game, but what is this one going to offer??? Will it feature the characters I've come to like, such as Nico and Roman Bellic, or does it offer new ones??? Those are all plenty of things i've wondered.
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Review 9 for Grand Theft Auto V
Posted on:25/11/12
Location: calgary, alberta
great game with awesome graphics and gameplay cars are even better
the story mode is really good and online is fantastic with amazing weapons that are newer than the old gta's and the fire power is outstanding
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Posted 01/12/12
Gta 4 was a good game the grafiques was exelent i wish gta 5 is more awsome
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Review 10 for Grand Theft Auto V
I heard the date of release is now June 13 2012
Posted on:10/12/12
Location: ottawa,ON
best gta so far, map is twice as big as san andreas and graphics are more realistic. I am hoping there are many hours dedicated to single player. Can.t wait until it come out
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